10 inch Dell Streak tablet launching in China this summer

Recently I had a chance to use Dell Streak for about a day and to be honest I was really impressed by the performance of the device compared to my Android Phone but still I thought Dell could have done better in the UI customization of the device.And if 5inch tablet is not enough of you guys then 10 inch dell tablet which is named as Dell Streak 10 Pro is launching in China this summer and we hope it would launch in the other regions after that.

It’s surprising that this tablet is first launching in Chine not in US but still I think US will also see the tablet just after its launch in China.The news was shared by Cnet and they got this information from Dell’s Vice President Thode.Unlike Dell 5inch tablet this tablet would be considered as pure tablet because of its size.It will have Android Honeycomb in it and it will support a display resolution of 1280×800.It will have both front facing and rear camera and rear camera will be of 5megapixel.Its thickness is 12mm and it will support 1080p videos.You can also use it with your USB because of its additional dock.

Maybe most of the people will be not excited about this tablet but after using smaller dell tablet I think this 10 tablet inch tablet would be great in performance for sure.