Only little features missing on iPhone 3GS in iOS 5

Couple of days ago Apple announced their latest mobile OS for iPhone ,iPod touch and iPad iOS 5.iOs 5 has been new interesting and useful features as they were demoed in WWDC.But one question in the mind of iPhone 3G and 3GS users was that will all the features on iOS would work on their cells or not.

Previous for iOS 4 Apple has said that it would not work for iPhone 2G and even with iPhone 3G all the features of iOS 4 were not available.So , even before Apple had announced iOS 5 we knew that it would not work on iPhone 2G and may be 3G too.

So , now that iOS 5 launched experts are saying that this time Apple has axed some features from iPhone 3GS in iOS 5.Most of the features like twitter integration and notification are there in iPhone3GS but the missing features noted till now is photo editing in the camera and tab bar in Safari.

So , all in all iPhone 3GS will not miss too many features like iPhone 3G user had missed from iOS 4.