Hacker Hits Kaspersky Website

Kaspersky reported  that an anonymous invader rearranged a microbe used by Kasperskyusa.com with the intention of deceiving people into downloading the forged product. The flaw wasn’t identified by Kaspersky, however it was told that it was found in an intermediary application consume by the website.

Kaspersky explained that consumers downloaded the nasty virus with the intention of downloading the Kaspersky Lab’s antivirus.

This is how normally a virus clings to your computer system. They pretend to be genuine promoters and as soon as you access them they convert into false pop-ups that infect your system.

In theopinion of Security experts one must immediately close the web browser as soon as these pop-ups appear. Windows users should just push ctrl-alt-delete and end the route.

When the virus hit Kaspersky on sunday, they passed on its users to rogue antivirus site for almost three and a half hours and the website was expansively inspected and reviewed to make certain they were operating a completely updated system, according to the Company.

Users at open discussions were found to blame the website for attempting to download security tools, a phony antivirus software.

A similar incident took place last year in February when a hacker entered in to the company’s U.S support site through a web error. The error could have resulted in the violation of previleged data by the inoculation of SQL.

Although in Sunday’s incident through immediate action by Kaspersky team, there was no serious harm done, according to the Company and reassured that further steps are being taken to prevent any such incident to happen in the future.