Analyst claims that Apple will launch two new iPhone in September

Several experts has mentioned before that Apple is ready to launch their next iPhone in September , apart from that one recent rumor claimed that Apple will unveil their next iPhone in August. And today another expert Chris Whitmore wrote in his article that Apple will launch two new iPhone models in September.

According to the report new Centrino iPhone 5 which will be launched in September will replace current iPhone 4.But interesting thing mentioned in this report is about the launch of iPhone 4S and it has only little changes of from the current iPhone 4.May be Apple will decide to launch two iPhone to have difference between their GSM and non GSM version.

It is also believed that iPhone 4S will be a lot more cheaper than iPhone 5 , may be the starting price of iPhone 4S will be about $350.This type of phone can also be made to complete against the cheaper phones which are mostly made by companies like Nokia and Samsung.