Angry Birds comes for Windows Phone 7 , available for $2.99

June 30, 2011 – 9:15 pm | by Emile

If you own an iPhone or an Android then you would definitely have played Angry Birds.Angry Birds was first launched for iPhone then this game became so popular that it is now available on iPad, Android Phones and tablets, PC and Mac.And now finally after a long wait Angry Birds is launched on Windows Phone 7.

Initially when Windows Phone 7 was launched Microsoft had said that Ravio would launch Angry Birds on their platform in May but Ravio denied this statement. And now Angry Birds finally is available on Windows Phone Marketplace and is available for $2.99.

Angry Birds is perhaps the best and most successful game on mobile platform and perhaps no mobile game has close to it.It is interesting that it is available for $2.99 on Android as it is available on App Store for $0.99 and it’s free for Android. May be its price is more on Windows Market Place because there is no quality game launched for Windows Phone 7 till now.



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