Facebook to add Video chat feature powered by Skype

Facebook is surely the most popular social network on the web and because of its popularity its users are increasing day by day. Also Facebook is improving by introducing new features regularly. And according to the latest news by TechChrunch Facebook will introduce video chat feature in coming week and they also claim that this service would be powered by Skype.

The users do not have to worry about installing any plugins or anything else as this service will be browser based but a desktop client will also be available for it.Some expert’s thing that Microsoft has to do something with the introduction of some new feature in Facebook. Also Microsoft is also involved with Skype as they may acquire it the coming time and the amount expected for this deal is $8.5 billion.

There is no official word for this from Facebook or Skype but the prove to this news is that Facebook has send invitations to people for event next week and we hope in this event Mark Zuckerberg will officially break this news to the world.