Samsung Galaxy S 2 may come on Windows Phone

Recently Samsung launched their latest Android smartphone , Samsung Galaxy S 2 which is the first dual-core smartphone.This phone became so much popular that Samsung has said this is their fastest selling phones and looks like that Samsung is so impressed with the selling stats of the phone that they will launch its Windows Phone version soon.

According to a report Samsung wants to cash in the brand of Samsung Galaxy S 2 also through Windows Phone 7 and if they launch it they would launch it with the Mango update of Windows Phone.

The image shown above is not real Samsung Galaxy S 2 running Windows Phone but it is a photoshoped concept of the phone.The move is not news as HTCs Windows Phone device are so alike to some of their Android phones but the difference would be that they didn’t carried the Android names in Windows Phone devices.

A clue of the device was found by a user as when searching devices from his Bluetooth the users found a device named “SGH-937” which is just one digit difference from Samsung Galaxy S 2.Still whether it was Galaxy S 2 version of Windows Phone device or not , the situation shows that it would be perfect for Samsung to launch Galaxy S 2 Windows Phone version.