Motorola dropping the price of Xoon Wifi version to $499

I have mentioned in many of my previous posts that because of the domination of the iPad , other tablet companies will have to decrease the price of their tablet or else they will go out of business.So , following this simple theory Motorola today have decreased the prices of they Wifi only verion of Xoom tablet from $599 to $499 so its prices is decreased to $100.

This was bound to happen because not only iPad is better then Xoom , other tablet like Samsung Galaxy Tab , Blackberry PlayBook and other Android tablets are better than Xoom.So , if somebody was waiting for its price decrease then its time to buy Motorola Xoom.

Still the tablet is not bad it has Android 3.0 Honeycomb in it and it has a 1Ghz dual core processor.Its has 1GB RAM and has a 32GB SDcard in it.And it has a 5Mega pixel camera and 2Mega Pixel front facing camera for video chat.Overall this tablet is not bad for $499.