Apple may launch 3G iPod touch in September

From last year Apple started to give some similar feature in their iOS device which started with the inclusion of both front and rear camera in iPhone , iPod touch then in iPad.And now according to a report by Dutch blog Apple will soon introduce their latest iPod touch which will have Wifi plus 3G for connectivity just like iPad.

So , just like in the case of iPad users will have the option to buy Wifi or Wifi+3G version of iPod touch which have its unique data plan according to the carrier that you choose to buy from. If this news is true then Apple will have to make some basic design changes in iPod touch from its previous version and perhaps if Apple launches 3G iPod touch then perhaps no other new feature would come in next iPod touch.

But the negative point which could come with the launch of 3G iPod touch , that will it affect the sales of next iPhone.Still I think Apple will have some plan to market their next version of iPhone and iPod touch.