Next iPad to launch this fall,Apple may higher another manufacterer to meet the high demand

From past few weeks many experts has claimed on different websites and blogs that Apple will launch their next iPhone , iPod touch and iPad all before the end of this year and most probably they will launch these products this fall.The biggest change that next iPad will have is that it will have better resolution then current iPad then current iPad that why some people are referring to it as iPad HD.

The biggest hurdle for the launch in September of iPad 3 or iPad HD is that it is to be produced in a very large quantity which could be really hard for Foxconn to do it alone.So , that’s why Apple will consider to contract egatron Technology or Quanta Computer to also make iPadĀ  for them.

So , iPad Hd will most probably launch in September if not then it will launch later this year but the only major change expected in this version is higher resolution.