Olloclip 3 in 1 lenses for iPhone 4

If you use your iPhone 4 for photography purpose and want to add more spice to your pictures then Olloclip have a solution for the camera of your iPhone 4. Olloclip have recently launched their 3 in 1 lenses for iPhone 4 camera. This new addon adds new capability to the iPhone 4’s camera.

Olloclip’s 3 in 1 lens adds the capability to capture fish eye wide angle and macro photographs from your iPhone 4. The great thing about Olloclips lens is that its an easy to use detachable hardware. You don’t have to install any sort of software in order to use. More over it works perfectly with all other Photo sharing apps.

This accessory for the iPhone 4 comes with a price tag of $70, though the price is quite demanding but its worth a try for those people who use their iPhone camera quite a lot.  The limitation in the design of this accessory means that there is no guarantee weather it will work for upcoming iPhones.