Apples next gen A6 chip to be comufactured by TSMC not Samsung

Recently a little war started between Apple has Samsung because of some patent issues and still things are little bit messed-up between the two companies.But the two companies had strong business ties as Apple is one of the biggest buyers of the Samsung parts like the A5 chip which is used in iPad 2 is manufactured by Samsung and now a report by Reuters mentions that Apple will not order to Samsung to manufacture their next A6 chip which would be used in their future products.So , instead of Samsung it is expected that Taiwanese company TSMC will be the next company to manufacture A6 chips for Apple.TSMC is a well known company for its chips so I dont think this could effect quality of the A6 chip.And if this is true then this would hurt Samsung but this was expected after their legal war started.

And as far as A6 chip is concerned we expect the it would be present in the iPad 3 or iPad and and may be in iPhone 6 which means TSMC  has good amount of time to work and experiment on A6 chip.