Facebook’s dedicated app for iPad to be release soon

When last year Apple launch iPad it really changed the web after sometime as many popular sites to design their HTML 5 sites so that their site should run correctly of iPad.With the launch of iPad a confusion also came into the minds of developers that they should treat iPad as mobile or like tablets PS or netbooks.So, till now Facebook’s App for iPad was same as of iPhone and iPad touch but now it looks like soon Facebook will release a dedicated app for iPad.

According to TechCrunch Facebook has finally created a full-fledged customized app for iPad , and actually they have secretly released this app.The app is released in such a way that the code of iPad version of the app is buried in the Facebook for iPhone app which was released yesterday.This code can be executed  on jailbroken iPads.

About the app , this app has left sided navigation system and has overlay menus.It  also has the ability to chat while at the same time you can check your feeds too.So , with all this information we can surely say that Facebook for iPad will come soon to App Store.

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