iPhone 5 picture leaked taken from spy camera but cant say its real

Last before the launch of iPhone 4 knew that how would be the next iPhone because of the too many authentic leaks. But this time the story is little bit different, we have not seen any upright leaked which proves that this would next iPhone and on the other hand there is also a very big confusion of the timing of iPhone. With this all recently a leaked image of supposed next iPhone 5 is leaked which is rolling around the web.

This could the first look iPhone 5 to the world if this image is real .This image of first shared by the Macrumors forum member and we can clearly see in this image that this iPhone is slimmer than the current version.Several report has also claimed that next iPhone will have a thickness of 7mm.As far the design of the device is concerned it is not really different from current iPhone.This device also looks like Chinese know off of iPhone 5 which can creat a doubt in our mind.

Still there are more chances that this device could be fake rather than real iPhone 5.