Watch your battery status of Nissan Leaf cars with its official Android app

I think anybody who knows about Smartphones and Android would surely agree with me that Android has more number of Apps than any other application store in the world. Although Appleā€™s app store has good number of apps but the still Android numbers are greater. And just following this pattern Nissan has launched their version of Android app for Nissan Leaf.

With this app people who have Nissan Leaf and have Android would be able to monitor their car’s battery life and it can also estimate your driver range with current battery. For those who dont know about Nissan Leaf is is 100% electric car so thats why this app would allow to keep track of the battery life so that you never have to switch to other optional fuels.

This app also allows you to remotely charge your Leaf and also you can start your cars air condition with it. You may not think that this app too much amazing but still this app would be helpful for those who own Nissan Leaf. I think this app would get good number of download as this car has already crossed the sales of 10,000. If you’re looking to buy one yourself, check out sites like