Screenshot of Text-to-speech feature of iOS 5 leaked

Text to speech features is currently available in some smartphones but currently Apple’s iPhone is not in the list.Usually Apple introduces new features in their products later then other companies but they claim that they delay it to implement these features better then anyone.And it looks like the text-to-feature in iOS with come with iOS 5 as recently its screenshot has been leaked which was first shared on the web by 9to5 mac.

According to 9to5mac this screenshot has been shared to them from a reliable source these with these words we can say that this screenshot is real.We can see in this screenshot clearly how this feature would work.When uses goes to his typing option an additional optional appear which would show microphone which mean that when you press the microphone icon you would be able to talk and it would be recognized by you phone and it would convert it into text.

The biggest challenge I think would be how to developers would work on the accuracy of text-to-speech features.Well lets see when it is launched what changes it would have comparing to this screenshot.