Halo coming in 3D version for Xbox in furture

Today in tech world the two most popular things are smartphone and Games or technologies related to it.And from all the game series Halo is surely one of the popular game series.And that’s why Microsoft that had acquired Halo some years ago so that it can became a exclusive game for Xbox.And now another new interesting development is being done with Halo as Microsoft has confirmed that they will bring 3D support for the Halo games.

Its a reality that games launched on the Microsoft platform does not have 3D supported games like Sony has but thing would change in the coming time as Microsoft will give 3D feature with their one of the top game Halo.Halo:Combat Evolved Anniversary is supposed to launch soon and it would have 3D viewing feature.Its not really the first 3D game on Xbox but it would be the first one from Microsoft.

The demo of this game was recently shown in Germany at Gamescom and the 3D version of the games works fine and smooth.