Front Panel of iPhone 4S seen in leaked images

In the coming months , it is expected that not only iPhone 5 would be launched but also Apple may also launch a cheaper iPhone 4 which would be launched iPhone 4S because it would be similar to iPhone 4.Many leaked images about the supposed iPhone 4S device are shown in the past and today another new leaked images is shown on web.

The images which are leaked today are almost similar to the previous few weeks of iPhone 4S which to be honest looks like mostly as iPhone 4.This images of iPhone 4S has small circular shaped grill in it which is above its camera and earpiece. Experts say that this design has Apple feel as this looks is just like Webcam LED which is currently in Mac and may be coming in iPhone 4S too.

If this is the real iPhone 4S then Apple this means that the design of iPhone 4S is final and its production will have started and it could be launch in coming two months.