iPhone 5 available for pre-order at Deutsche Telekom(Germany)

According to the most predication and report the launch of iPhone 5 is not that far and we could be its launch till October.But still their is not official news about the launch of the devices or not even any hint has been given by any Apple official about the upcoming iPhone.But recently a very interesting thing has occurred which sometime further clarifies that the launch of iPhone 5 is not far.

Even though Apple has not announced about the launch of iPhone 5 but still somehow today German carrier Deutsche Telekom has started to take pre-orders of  iPhone 5.The news was first broke by Bloomberg as they have mentioned in their report that they have confirmed the news from German carrier.Deutsche Telekom will give coupons to those who have to book their iPhone and whenever the device is launch those who have coupons would be the first one's to get it.

The most interesting thing about this news is that , Apple has not even announced the name of the device till now but still their is a company which is ready to take pre-orders of the device.So , this clearly shows Apple has started the production of iPhone 5 and they are also telling this to their different partners in the world.


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