iPad 3 will have lighter and thinner battery

Some months ago we were expecting that Apple can launch iPad till the end of this year , but recently it has been confirmed that Apple will not launch iPad 3 till 2012.And the most recent news about iPad 3 Is that it will have much thinner and lighter battery.This news was first mentioned by Taiwan Economic News.

According to the report Apple has already contacted companies like Simplo and Dynapack for making the battery of next iPad.If next iPad will have much thinner battery than this would allow Apple to design much smaller iPad or the other use of the smaller battery could be that Retina Display may take more space in the design of iPad so smaller batteries would give more space for that.

The smaller battery would cost more than the current battery of iPad 2 and it would also give much more battery life too. These batteries are expected to be delivered till the end of this year which means its confirm that there is no chance that Apple would launch iPad 3 this year.