HTC maybe launching new devices soon, holding little event on 20th of this month

HTC is surely one of the most popular smartphone vendors in the world and those who have used HTC phone know that these phones have something special in them. And it looks like that HTC is ready to unveil their some new smartphones that.HTC has already started to send invitation to those who are supposed to cover the event. The event will be held in New York on 20th September.

There are lot of things that HTC can unveil in this event as HTC makes both Android and Windows Phone devices and also they are now making Android tablets.The launch Windows Phone Mango devices is also near so maybe they will their Windows Phone Mango devices.But we have also seen some news leaked HTC Android devices in the near future, so there is a good change in this press conference HTC will unveil both their new Mango and Android devices.

These devices are most probable to be unveil that day HTC Titan , HTC Radar and HTC Vigar.So , let’s wait till 20th of this month what HTC has in store for us.