Foxxcon speeding up the production of iPhone 5, hopes ship 30million units this year

Foxxconn is the company which does the mass production of the maximum products of Apple like this is the company which does the production of iPhone.Even this time Foxxconn will be not the only one to produce iPhone 5 or next iPhone for Apple but still Foxxconn will produce more iPhone units compared to the other company which is Pegatron which is supposed to produce overall fifteen percent of iPhone 5 and apparently it will no ship any iPhone in current year.

While according to recent report by DigiTimes Foxxconn has really starting to work quickly on the production of iPhone 5 as the company now is making 150,000 iPhone 5 units daily.

According to the plan of Apple the shipments of iPhone 5 should reach to the figure of 5 to 6 million till the end of September and for that Foxxconn is speeding up the process.But still there is not new about the production of two different iPhone as one would be iPhone 5 and other could be iPhone 4S.