Top 5 games you must have on your iPhone

Games and application on iPhone/iPod touch are former better than any other platforms.  Developers tends to make better games for iOS devices then for android. Here is a list of games that one should always keep in his iPhone,iPod touch or iPad.

1. Angry Birds

Angry bird is a real time strategy projectile motion game, in which you have to eliminate enemies, by targeting them with a particular angle. Angry bird still remains the most downloaded and addicted game available in the app store. Angry birds is available in app store for just $0.99.

2. Nova

Nova is a first person shooter game develop by mobile gaming giant Gameloft. Nova feature stunning graphics and backgrounds, which have given new life to mobile gaming. Nova have the best first person shooter experience.

3. Call of Duty Zombies

Its a must game for all of the fans of Call of Duty franchise, and for those who haven't experienced it yet. Activevison have added a new paradigm to the series by adding zombies to the story. Game is available on the appstore for $9.99.

4. Need For Under Cover

EA sports have tried to  give the most of same experience as its on gaming console to iPhone and other iOS devices. Ea sports need for speed undercover features some breathtaking graphics. Accelerometer provides adds more to the whole gaming experience. Game is available on iPhone for $9.99.

5. GTA China Town Wars.

GTA China town wars features a multiple pack experience in a single game. A person can walk around, hijack a car, take jobs etc just like any other GTA game. The game have plenty of things to offer.  Its available on app store for $9.99