Apple's iPhone holds a significant market share of Smartphone in U.S

Since the launch of Apple's iPhone in 2007, the phone is doing well in penetrating the market share. Before the release of the first iPhone Symbian, blackberry and Windows based phone use to run the market, but apple's iPhone came, saw and conquered the market. iPhone compared to other smartphone was handicapped regarding number of the models available. iPhone in last 4 years have enjoyed a massive success, which no other phone have seen. In last 4 years it is the most selling smartphone till this date.

With inclusion of android in the smartphone market it was difficult for iPhone to enjoy the same success rate it use to, when it was launched. The inclusion of android Operating system flooded the smartphone in the market. As big electronic giants like,LG, Samsung, HTC and other started to manufacture android based smartphones.

iPhone is still doing well as its a soul phone which is competing with different varieties of android, windows and blackberry based phones in the market. According to statistics 82% of American citizen owns a smart phone. Out of those 82%, 42% of people in America owns an android based smart phone, 27% are proud owner of iPhone and 21% owns Blackberry.

Regarding these statistics we can say that Apple's iPhone is doing the most business, as the 41% of android market share is divided between different companies with likes of LG, Motorola, Samsung, HTC and plenty of others.