Turning your iPhone into high end camera

The new iPhone 4s is equipped with an eight mega pixel camera compared to its predecessor iPhone 4 which was equipped with a five mega pixel camera. The new camera in the iPhone 4s is quite an improvement if we it in contrast to resolution, result and quality of images. Well we have previously seen some camera accessories for iPhone, which enabled a user to take micro and wide angle photographs from their iPhone. If you want to upgrade your iPhone photography to the next level, then here is an absolute accessories to try.

The iPhone SLR mount is an accessory which can pimp your iPhone camera. iPhone SLR mount is manufactured by photo jojo. This bad ass accessory helps you to mount your regular Nikon and Canon camera lenses on your iPhone. This SLR mount have no limitation, you can add any type of lens with the help of SLR mount. This SLR mount for iPhone is available for $190. Seeing this utility and what it does, its price is quite reasonable.

In addition to attaching your regular Nikon and Cannon lens to the iPhone you can also attach a tripod stand using this utility. If you are into photography, then you will quite enjoy this accessory. Here is photograph taken with the help of iPhone SLR mount.