Apple App store to Accept payment in Chinese Yuan

Apple have adopted a new payment method, just to accommodate its Chinese market. Apple Inc have begun accepting Chinese Yuan for purchases on its online app store. This step will be a stepping stone for apple in Chinese market.

This step taken by Apple will make things quite easier for Apple’s iPhone,ipod and iPad user in China, to buy apps from the app store without making any fizzy changes in their accounts.

Previously Chinese users needed a dual currency bank account in order to make purchases from Apples app store. That previous requirement mostly let the iPhone, iPod and iPad users to either jailbreak their iPhone or make purchases using a fraudulent itunes gift cards.

After neglecting the Chinese market for quite some time, Apple have finally realized that the Chinese market have the biggest potential making profits, then any other market outside U.S.  For the last two years Apple’s decisons regarding the Chinese market are quite stunning.

Apple inc made a stunning profit of 13 billion, which is 12 % of its over all business worldwide in the last fiscal year. The profits are expected to turn even more in the next year, regarding the sales of iTunes in local currency.