Amazon plans to launch larger Amazon tablets in 2012

So, last week finally Amazon launched their Kindle tablet which was specially targeted for those people who think that other tablets are Appleā€™s iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab are too much expensive for them. And according to its initial sales we think that Kindle tablet is a success for Amazon.And due to this success some reports are suggesting that Amazon plans to launch their second tablet in the second quarter of 2012 which would be a bigger tablet compared to the current one which is of 7-inch display.

Some days ago , same rumor had been reported by many popular sites that Amazon will launch an 8.9inch tablet in 2012.While it is also expected after the launch of 8.9 inch Amazon tablet , they will also launch 10 inch tablet in late 2012.

Asus and Foxxconn are mentioned as two potential hardware manufacturers of upcoming Amazon tablets.I think it would be premature to say that will Amazon launch these tablets or not in 2012 but I know one thing that next year we will see many other new tablets in the market as iPad 3 and next Samsung Galaxy Tab so again for Amazon to have good sales they may have to sell their tablets in less prices that other famous tablets.