Kinect for Windows to be released in 2012

When Kinect was introduced back in November 2010, it made a benchmark not only in the gaming industry but it also gave us the idea how computing will be done in future. None of us thought of doing computing tasks or playing games without a  physical component, will happen this much soon, but Microsoft made us believe once more that nothing is impossible.

At first Microsoft was reluctant to bring the Kinect platform for its Windows users, but finally they have decided to bring the platform to mass community of its Windows users.

The launch of Kinect for Windows might be because hackers were cracking the platform and started writing different softwares for it. That is one of the reason Microsoft launched its SDK for Kinect and now they are planning to bring the platform to its Windows users.

Those of you who are amazed by the new technology and are interested to buy one, my advise to them is not to buy it this time around, as Microsoft will be launching their second generation of Kinect sometime in 2012.  The new Kinect that is going to launch in 2012 will be compatible to both PC and Xbox 360.

I have tried Nitendo Wii and playstaion move as well but no one can match motion or gesture based gaming to Microsoft Kinect