Apple iPhone 4s to be launched in Taiwan on 14-16 December

Apple iPhone 4s will be launching in Taiwan on 14-16 December by three of the Telecom giants hunghwa Telecom (CHT), Taiwan Mobile (TWM) and Far EasTone Telecommunications (FET) jointly. 

The launch date of the iPhone 4s is up to Apple, but sources in Taiwan telcom sectors believes that the phone will be launching between 14 to 16 December, before the Christmas vacations.

Taiwan is the home of one of the mobile phone industry giant HTC, it will be difficult for Apple iPhone 4s to make its place among the cult HTC supporters, but Apple iPhone 4s have what it takes to dominate every other phone out in the market.

It is said that first shipment of the iPhone 4s will be up to 30,000 units out of which 50% of the phones will be allocated Chunghwa Telecom and 25% each to both Taiwan Mobile and Far East Tone. Most of the models that will be shipped will be comprising of 16 and 32 GB version, where as the 64 GB iPhone 4s will be 5% of the total lot.

The price of the new iPhone 4S will be  NT$1,000 less compared to iPhone 4 of the same size.