Facebook App 1.9 for Android makes life easy

Recently, Facebook has launched an updated version in the form of Facebook application for the users of Android appliances. This latest and renewed application of Facebook enable the users of social network websites to have a more compact, fast and quality experience due to the instantaneous response being given by it. This application has helped Facebook to take an extended step towards success and to give more competitive environment to other social networking websites.

This new version of the Facebook basically allows the users to share their pictures, messages and views in a quick manner because of the efficiency level. Major specialty is that people can share these things directly from their home page screen. It has other various features also which were only present in the applications of Messengers.

According to the views given on some blog, provided by the Software Engineer of the Facebook named Frank Oixing Du ; “ Facebook for the appliances support Android 1.9 is having features which were present in the Messenger application of Facebook”. This enables the users to see who is online, and what activities friends are doing on the mobile screen. Also, the facility to add other people, to have conversations in group, to have a contact list in more profound manner so that people can sort easily all their friends according to the categories of family, friends or best friends is provided by this application.

Not only this, once the updating procedure in mobile devices is done, users would be able to see the separate shortcuts for camera and messaging because this application automatically separates these two shortcuts itself.

Users can also have the trail for the friend’s recent activities, their uploaded contents and even their contact details with this application.

So far, the reviews and comments given by the application store of Google Play are admixed, whereas, several other companies have raised issues about the perplexity, shown by the camera of Facebook application and application of Messenger. Apart from this, this new updated application consumes an extra space also. The only positive side for this application is the quick response in browsing and its new layout