Superlative 7 forthcoming mobile phones

A continuous effort in developing the mobile phones which are bigger at the same time slimmer and sleeker to handle are becoming Heat nowadays when it comes in choosing among rest of handsets. Particularly mobile phones having 1 Giga hertz processor and having camera of 5 MP are more preferred nowadays. Following are the 7 main specifications of most wanted models of mobile phones these days especially by the youngsters. 

Samsung Galaxy Note:


This handset has taken a successful journey for the company of Samsung and has brought a next level competition with itself. For the lovers of mobile phone who prefer size, then this handset is best suited, its size is 5.3 inch and is having a super AMOLED multi touch display screen. This screen is also equipped with a a dual core processor that has been clocked around 1.4 Ghz. Not only this, it is also having 16 GB built in memory, 1080p full HD video making facility, and having a primary camera of 8MP along with LED flash light. It is also having an S pen which makes people more friendly user for doing a quicker and faster input in this phone. 

HTC Titan:


HTC has launched this phone with more efficient potency and improved specifications. It exhibits a wider touchscreen of 4.7 inches along with a resolution power of 480 x 800. It shows a high performance when it comes to playing games in this phone, for doing faster browsing and media playback option with 1.5 Ghz SOC. Apart from the built in memory of 16 GB, its users can also enjoy a high quality sound effect of almost 5.1 of SRS enhancement. This phone will get launched somewhere in October of this year. 

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S:


This phone has also taken one step ahead among the rest of series of Xperia especially when it comes in showing the arc in its features. Its specifications include 3D Sweep Panorama and processor of 1.4GHz. This phone is having a very sleek layout and is just like a LiveDock through which people can shift the mobile phones into the PC. This phone is currently into the range for order up in UK. 

4. Samsung Wave 3:


This phone has come up with the latest version of software known as Bada 2.0 OS that has enabled it to compete with the devices having Android. It is having a touchscreen of Super AMOLED which is of 4-inch, processor of 1.4GHz and it also supports the technology of NFC. 

5. Motorola Defy+:


This device is having a Corning Gorilla Glass which is resistant to dust and scratches, this feature has added to its smartness and super features. Also, it is powered by 1GHz SOC and exhibits Android Gingerbread OS software. The Defy+ feature in it enhances the efficiency of browsing as compared to its previous versions.

6. HTC Sensation XE:


This mobile phone is having the Best feature of music and people will surely not stop themselves to dance and move their feet a bit once the music gets on in this phone. It is also having a combination of high tech 1.5 GHz processor, 768MB RAM, camera having 8MP along with the LED flash light and 1080p recording facility for videos. This device will be available in UK from 7th of October. 

7. IPhone 5:

This phone is one of the best among all the discussed best phones. No touch phone discussion can be completed without IPhone. IPhone 5 will be the next addition to its series, and will possessed A5 SOC, a camera of 8MP and expecting to be sleeker among the rest of models. This phone will be available probably in the mid of next month.

Apart from the above mentioned 7 mobile phones, there is a possibility that Nokia will launch a Window Phone having 7 OS for the very first time. There are anticipations that this handset will be available by fall of 2012.