Speaktoit Virtual Assistant Android App it is!

You must have all heard about the latest invention by Apple; Siri. This great function has been built-in iPhone 4S. Speaktoit Assistant is a similar app which functions in the same way as Siri. Speaktoit is an android app, basically a virtual buddy that acknowledges voice commands. Its function is to carry basic tasks such as Web research. It connects you with different web services such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and many others.

Speaktoit can be operated to launch apps, compose email, find contacts or send text messages, create calendar events, give directions, and much more.

Google has heavily invested in this app. Speaktoit employs Google’s voice transcription to understand the persons voice commands. The best thing about this app is that it lets you decide which sound to choose. It has a variety of iSpeech voices, which sound human-like as compared to the typical robotic-sounding text-to speech.

The app has an entertaining feature in which you can personalize a cartoon character or an avatar for your assistant. It doesn’t really have any mechanical function; it only provides face recognition for your assistant.

Speaktoit is used exactly like Siri is used. It is has a witty character and it usually has amusing replies. You press the on-screen microphone and just speak into it, the command will be recognized and the search will begin. The search isn’t always 100% accurate as it has difficulty in understanding the person’s accent. Sometimes you need to speak numerous times to make it comprehend.

Speaktoit being a superb app has some drawbacks attached to it as-well. It does not have the feature of reading your text messages or emails aloud. This feature was expected from Speaktoit, but unfortunately the world will have to wait for another brilliant app to be created to deliver this function.

Over-all speaktoit being an excellent virtual assistant is a great creation. It can be used on all android driven smart-phones and devices and is definitely a must-have ignoring all its’ itty gritty’s.