IPhone5 Rumors

With the rapid increase into the challenging environment, it has become necessary for the company of Apple to keep pace with this tough competition and should continue develop phones for the upcoming sharp and witty sixth generation. The company needs to introduce something which has to be very unique and different to appeal the young generation especially. Since, most of the fans of IPhone and its users were not really seemed happy by 4S, it is essential that its series need to be updated in such way that the people would not be able to get dissatisfied any further. Few rumors are stating that the upcoming model can have casing of Liquid Metal or LTE support also, hence this can be something exclusive to add into the features of next upcoming model.

According to the analyst working for Piper Jaffrey, Qualcomm whose name is Gene Munster According to Gene Munster is almost making preparations for supplying the chipsets of LTE to be put into the next model of IPhone. The device would probably get launched into October of this year.

However, the most captivating feature which Iphone5 is expecting to have is the casing of Liquid Metal. Liquid Metal is basically an alloy of few metals including titanium, Nickel, Copper, zirconium and few other metals as well. This material will definitely give a feeling of holding a glass to its users, but at the same time, it will be physically tough just like a metal and will be resistant to scratches as well. This will directly affects the job of IPhone repair stores that they will not be having any complaints for the breakage of screen or scratches at instant etc.

Also, process of injection molding can be applied to the objects which are made up of Liquid Metal, and can be given any kind of shape or layouts and that is why unique and interesting casings are expected in future.

New and interesting designs have always been welcomed in the mobile phone industry; the only condition is to have some quality as well. Current Iphone designs are been seen by the people since two years, that is why they are expecting something different this time. Also, Apple is having monopoly and authority to use Liquid Metal in shaping their casing designs. Many mobile companies try to put some differentiation factor in their devices, but IPhone 5 or all the upcoming series like IPhone T1000 or any other will look more attractive and catchy to the people in Liquid Metal casings.