Top best tech websites of all

Two years ago there was not any concept of using Web 2.0 and people barely knew that they can have social network successful websites rolling down in their PC’s and even on mobile phones. But the things have completely changed today. In 2004, the internet was completely a different thing, there was only youtube but people could not able to use it because there was not any broadband facility for Britons. This has been changed not, more than 75% users of broadband exist today and Web 2.0 has brought websites which have changed the world of people.

Blogs: reading

There are billions of blog categories out there and people need to choose or create what best suits them. They can use RSS and can have blog searcher that can simplify things for them in doing the searching process. Technorati usually is a reliable indicator which explains details about blogging. Whereas, Icerocket runs it closely and people need an online alegator in order to keep pace with the feedbacks. Newsgator and Google reader and Blogliness reader are considered to be good choices in this case.


Today, Google Gmail has become the most usage website for the emailing purpose. However, its major drawback is that it is invitation-only-system in the UK only. That is why, Yahoo enabling free email service is considered to be a good competitor and Microsoft also having LiveMail system. Among all these dozens of options, Bluebottle is considered to be a decent option of all because it focus most on filtering the spam mails and its free version also offers 250MB of storage supports with an extra support of POP3 and SMTP standards with the help of which people can use proper email programs in a way they want.


Maps matters a lot, and people who have addicted to Google Maps everything can be thrown to the Ordnance Survey’s data service which makes a little effort to choose between options. Also, Ordinance Survey has improved its website to a great extent and it will guide you which map to buy for a particular area.

News: recommendation

One thing on which Web 2.0 is really good at that it lets people to vote on various things. This has enabled to give some kind of freedom to the people in selecting which news to go more famous and which not to and in this way stories can get promoted in much faster way.


Recently, bloggers have started to unleash the political activities of the politicians that have helped the general public opinions to change in a good way a lot. Among these, Guido Fawkes blog is one of the most famous gossip blogging sites and it provides the inside gossips from Westminster. Whereas NO2ID is a blog where people can have arguments on particular issue and NHS 23 is a kind of wiki blogging service those highlights political, technological and medical issues.


Google web browser is the most visited website of all for doing the research or for browsing purpose. Search can now incorporate hard drive, blogs, images and videos along with the documents also.

Social software

There have been so many websites introduced recently where people can share their views and can interact with one another. Social networking websites have become a chestnut and has not stopped the old websites also from snatching the tag of most visited social website like MySpace. Bebo is also popular today and Habbo is among children whereas Friendster and LinkedIn among the older people.