Word Press rapidly became great business

The company is now able to earn $45 million as profits.All Things Digital has recently reported last week that the company behind Word Press actually is able to generate almost $50 million as a profit this year.

Very few people know that the company behind the Word Press is basically Automattic. The communal face of both the Automattic and Word Press is Matt Mullenweg. Recently a story has been published that Word Press was an open platform to make the choice among 48 of the world’s top 100 blogs. According to Mullenweg’s response in “About” page on the Automattic website, it takes into account for amlost15 percent of the world’s websites.

The revenue forecasts are even more impressive and would be more profitable when considering Word Press as an open source for the community. This means that anyone is able to download it and use it for free. So, the question here to consider is that how the company is able to earn millions of dollars when it is providing a service completely free of cost.

According to one of the article on All Things Digital is use to sell on premium to VIP Publishing Platform, which controls some big brand websites including TED, CNN, Time, Dow Jones and UPS.

More interesting news which  All Things Digital has reported that the company has been able to achieve this kind of growth using an open source platform without any formal office structure and only with fewer employees. Today, the company is able to add more executive talent to the company. More importantly, the company has provided an example anyone can build a successful and profitable open source business by building up enterprise-class services along with the open source platform for the people.