How to make Keynote moves more stimulating?

Keynote enables to create presentations in an interesting manner. However, sometimes the content tests the slideshows even if it’s of Apple’s applications.

For example, if the slideshow do not have plenty of images then the Keynote templates will not be able to make the slideshow attractive enough.  However, the Keynote can make it look attractive if the proper steps are to be followed.  There are various features such as Magic Move created for images, the Text Effects transitions in Keynote will make possible to shift the slides full of texts in interesting visuals. The following steps have been mentioned for Anagram text effect which can analyze text on the two slides and can find the similar letters in both.

During this process, the texts in both the slides get merged, and the new slide will automatically provide the new letters in new slide. With these interesting text effects slideshows can have a newer and better layouts now. Even without the need of images in the slideshow, it will be an interesting way to switch between texts which will lead on focused attention particularly on the information of the slides. All these effects for texts will be unique in the two slides which will be moving on in between and ultimately, the presentation can become impressive enough.

Following are the various steps to start up with the transition effects in slideshow:

Open up a text-heavy Keynote project and then enter some text. Let’s take an example of a simple small sized business presentation which will have fewer images.

After this, move on to the second slide by clicking down on the sign of plus (+) button on the top left side. By choosing any one interface from the Masters menu, fill in the text on the particular slide just as required

Now go back to the first slide and click on the Inspector pane. Then choose the Slide button on the Inspector, in the end select Transition.

People can also change the timing of the Anagram effects. Then continue clicking on add slides to the required presentation.  It should be noted that one needs to apply the Anagram effect to each slide separately. When all the slides have been added accordingly after applying all the desired transition effects, one can preview in order to see how it looks. It can be done by clicking on Play button at the top-left.