5 most aggravated heart throb technologies which one can wish to get invented

For the very first time, boffins in France have invented anti-Wi-Fi wallpaper ,which looks and performs functions exactly like normal wallpaper but it blocks Wi-Fi signals.But it blocks only the frequencies on which Wi-Fi basically operates it doesn’t block others.

1. Portrait: A Refuse for Videos

The rise of the smartphones has led to the increase in other latest functions such as shot down video in portrait. Such videos only get played on the phones but not on any other device such as tablets etc. It also exhibits a set of code which basically refuses to record down the video in portrait mode.

2. Sonic Shushes more

This technology basically uses a noise cancelling technology and it will generate a negative wave against the loud sounds such as in bus etc., which will cancel and cut down the loud noise, leaving the bus in silence.

3. No-tweet Seat

It basically contains a technology which can jam the operations running on mobile phones and other wireless internet connections.  It is for to purpose of ensuring that the people sitting around you would not be able to use Twitter, Facebook or Wikipedia etc.

4. SMS Airbag Inflator

If you want to get rid of a person who keeps on sending you a text, you can use this technology. It basically uses a steering wheel airbag that can detect the person.

5. Tablet Location Awareness

In order to get prevented from the people who tries to capture your videos this technology can be helpful.