3 Ways To Get Free WiFi | How To Get Free WiFi

The relation of our normal lives with the lives we live over the web has significantly grown stronger over time. Hence, a disconnection in this relation can make you feel like living in stone age.

With the modern advancements in technology and frequency of access to these blessings, yet we face some barriers. It has been mostly seen that many users with devices and gadgets supporting internet connectivity through wi-fi and still unable to stay connected. Today, we’ll suggest 5 easy ways to connect to the nearest wi-fi source.

But before we continue, let us make it very clear that the following methods will allow you to access only Free wifi connections, rather cracking into a secure wifi connection.

Step 1: Tethering your phone

If your phone or device is unable to detect any nearby WiFi connection, what you can do is tether your phone’s cellular internet connection and convert it into a WiFi hot spot for other devices and phones to connect. The method would not cost you much if you have a shared plan with AT&T or Verizon.

Step 2: WiFi databases

So whenever you are on the go, try to tap into multiple wifi databases. By that we mean, you can download an app such as The Wi-Fi FreeSpot Directory which basically lists down a database of places providing free or secure WiFi hubspots. So, the next time you are on the move, you don’t need to search for different WiFi connections rather through the app, you will automatically get connected to th free wifi connections.

Step 3: Road-side WiFi

To keep customers happy and retain them, many of road-side auto shops and quick-stop shops offer free wi-fi services. Once you pass through them, you can save their connection for future.

There are more innovative ways to connect on to a free wi-fi connection. You can use different apps that automatically identify free wifi connections and if you allow the apps, they’ll automatically connect you to that connection.