Top 10 iPhone Puzzle Games in 2012 | iOS Puzzle Games

If you are looking for the best iPhone 3G / iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S puzzle games in 2012, you’re at the right place. Today we share a list of top 10 iOS Puzzle Games in the year 2012.

Here are the top ten iPhone puzzle games of 2012:

  • Pixld. This amazing puzzle game have a great place in the list of top puzzle iOS games. This is a creation of one of the creative team department of Valve’s Portal Series. This game actually has amazing graphics and sounds as well. This game is about color flipping, in which you will always have to think ahead as you tap on the colored tiles. The goal would be to build solid block of colors which will all evaporate from the screen.
  • 100 Floors. Being on the list of iPhone’s top puzzle game apps, this game is all about room escape—one genre that was successful last 2012. This game will surely keep your head spinning with endless doors which you can open by solving each lobby’s puzzle. This game will surely give value to your phone’s touch screen feature.
  • 10000000. Although the title of this puzzle game iPhone is quite irritating, this is one puzzle game you will surely be addicted to! This is quite a challenging game which involves a runner running through the screen. As he does so, you will have to build match threes which will help him negotiate with monsters , open doors and unlock chests.

  • Girls Like Robots. One of free iPhone’s puzzle games, this game involves placing tiles on a series of boards. As a result, this will surely keep everyone happy. The catch is the fact that even though girl tiles might like robot tiles, they will have some dislikes too. The challenge is to keep everyone happy.
    The Room. Again, another example of the room-escape genre. Just like the old game– Myst– you will have to solve various puzzles to slowly uncover the enigma of the room. You will be given notes and clues to complete such task.
  • Guide The Light. Appynation’s Guide The Light has its respective place on top of iPhone games. If you are faint hearted, this jam packed game is not for you. In this, you will have to give guidance to the lights in an underground cave with the use of prisms, mirrors as well as beam splitters.
  • Puzzle Craft. At first look, it may seem like this puzzle is never ending because of its empire-expanding game play. However, the challenge lies in unlocking the best match-three type of play. This puzzle will require you to harvest food for your workers, who will, in turn, get minerals for your town. As a result, more miners would want to work in your town.
  • Dream of Pixels. This game is an upside down version of Tetries. At first, you will face a fluffy cloud on the screen. As you place the Tetrominos in their right position, you slowly clear away the fluffy clouds. However, if a piece of it falls to the bottom, it is game over for you!
  • Angry Bird Star Wars. Well, this does not need to have an explanation. It’s Angry birds, in a Star Wars version. What more can you ask for?
  • Slydris. This is actually Tetris (gameplay) and Lumines (graphics) combined. What you need to do is to place the falling blocks in a position that these would create a solid line of colors. The different modes is what makes it more challenging.