Top 10 Social Apps For iPhone In 2012 | iOS Social Apps

iPhones are no ordinary gadgets. It is actually one of the best and most useful tools for business runners. Among the hundreds and thousands of apps available, there is some that are indeed helpful for companies, particularly if you have just began and you need to keep head to head with your competitors.


Since social networking sites have achieved an all-time high ranking than ever before, it was just a matter of time before the need to stay connected through your iPhone became extremely necessary. The rise of social networking sites has helped news spread as wildfire and for you to be able to know the newest topics; you will have to download the top 10 social networking apps for your iPhone as soon as you can.

First on the list of 10 most popular social apps is Facebook. This has reached over 46 million active members, a number that continues to grow up to now. Facebook is among the favorites as it will permit you to keep up with your business’ page wherever you are 24/7. You are free to check your news feed, update your profile, read messages and check what your fans or clients are telling about your business all from your magical iPhone.

LinkedIn is likewise very useful. It allows you to place your professional network in your bare hands, literally. Connect with millions of professionals across the globe in real-time. Here you are allowed to scan your profile of your new contact and establish good and permanent connection on the web. Closing a deal is now made simpler. You can also get the newest updates from your contacts and speak to them anytime, regardless of your location.

Joining the top 10 social apps is Hootsuite. With this app, you can manage several Twitter accounts, update your Facebook profile and fan pages regularly, convert Twitter messages from more than 50 languages and set a schedule for automatic sending of messages.

WordPress helps you manage your business blog using your iPhone. You are free to moderate testimonials and create posts without any hassle.

Foursquare will allow you to see where your staff, friends, and customers are every time they move in and out of the city. Receive notification updates to your iPhone too. You can also view a social city guide that will help you locate nearby areas that will reward you for stopping by. Foursquare is actually one of top 10 social games iPhone users will surely like.

Twitteriffic app features a built-in browser that allows you to follow tweeted links without the need to leave the application. You can post tweets, view other tweets from your contacts and also update a location.

Myspace, though not as popular as it was before, is still useful as it allows you to keep in touch with contacts. It works similarly with Facebook.

View and post as many videos as you want from any location using your iPhone through YouTube.

Mashable allows business runners to keep up with the newest coverage from Mashable’s site wherever you may be. Here you can get the latest data on the web 2.0 and social medial world sent right to your iPhone.

StumbleUpon is very much helpful to get the greatest stories online sent right to your iPhone. Every time you click it, you will be shown sites that have been picked just for you based on the requirements you set.

The use of these amazing social apps will keep you connected to the news in your business and also about your friends. Whether you need to do work or just have some fun, these apps on your iPhone will always be useful.