Top 10 Most Expensive Cell phone for 2012-2013

At the speed that the modern telecommunications technology is advancing, it is understandable that someone does not mind paying a high price for an up to date product. However with the rapidity in which the technology changes, your phone will probably be out of date in two years and so how much would you pay for a cell phone?If you decide to purchase an expensive model of smartphone, you should also invest in a durable phone case custom to protect your phone from damages.

Here are the 10 most expensive phones for 2013, according to

  1. Diamond Rose iPhone 4 – At a price of $5 million, this is the most expensive phone today. Exclusively made, it uses Rose Gold wrapped around its sides as an antenna. An Apple logo made from 53 Diamonds and another 7.4 carrot Diamond as its “Home “button.
  2. Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme – Costing only $3.2 million, the case of this phone is made up of Gold and Diamonds. Once again it features a 53 Diamond Apple logo but the “Home” button this time is only a 7.1 carrot Diamond.
  3. Goldvish “Le Million” – This luxury phone is made from 18 carrot Gold and styled in Diamonds. It is available to buy but only by special order. If you would like to place your order now, it will only cost you $1.3 million.
  4. Vertu Signature Cobra – Only 8 of these phones have been made so far and feature a large Pear shaped Diamond on its front along with a round White Diamond and two Emerald eyes. It also has decoration of 439 Rubies. This phone is available with or without the Rubies for $310,000 or $115,000 respectively.
  5. iPhone Princess Cut – This phone is named after the type of Diamond cut used on 138 of its 318 Diamonds. The Diamonds are set around the rim of the phone which is otherwise made from 18 carrot Gold. The price of this phone is $176,400.
  6. Diamond Crypto Smartphone – This phone has a Platinum base and the body is encrusted with 50 Diamonds, 8 of them being rare Blue Diamonds. The phones logo and navigation keys are gilded with 18 carrot Rose Gold. The price tag on this phone is $130,000.
  7. Motorola V220 Special Edition – This phone was designed especially with women in mind. It is somewhat a standard phone, except it has a casing with 1200 studded Diamonds on the front panel and a keyboard made from 18 carrot Gold. This phone comes in at a cost of $51,800.
  8. Vertu Diamond – There were only 200 of these phones made, costing $50,000 each. The bodies of these phones are made of Platinum, underpinned with Rubies and studded with tiny Diamonds.
  9. Gold Edition Nokia 8800 – This is a standard phone, with the only exception that it is encased in Gold. The cost of having a Gold cased standard phone is $2,700.
  10. Nokia Lamborghini  8800 Sirocco – This Nokia phone has 3 band GSM coverage allowing it to be used in 5 continents and otherwise has top of the range but standard features. It is a Limited Edition with only 500 sets being made and comes at a cost of $1,500.