Top 5 Most Viral Tech Ads in 2012

Today Smart phones and tablets have become so popular that the competition is fierce. The makers of these products are at war, an advertising war at least. Each manufacturer is pushing hard to win the advertising campaigns and with that sales, the spoils of these wars.

These advertising campaigns are today fought on the internet by way of video advertising across the World Wide Web. This form of advertising  which is fairly new, is referred to as Viral Video Tech Ads and each producer of the smart phones is anxious to head the list of best or most watched viral tech ads. If they make it to the top of the list, it could mean that their advertising campaign was a success but most of all, that their sales were probably the highest, which combined means profits, profits and more profits.

In 2011 there was one clear winner and that was Apple. In 2011 Apple managed to clock up 50 million views in all, with a campaign average of 5 million views. Alas, in 2012 Apple has fallen greatly, dropping to a mere 18.4 million, only being able to secure 6th place in the 2012 rankings with its campaign “Introducing iPhone 5”. In 2012 Apple’s average per campaign views dropped 11% to 4.4 million, whilst its largest competitors managed to create 3 figure increases in their average per campaign views.


Here is the list of the top 5 Viral Tech Ads for 2012.


  1. Samsung with its Galaxy S111 campaign receiving 71.7 million views.
  2. Intel, Toshiba with its “The Beauty Inside” campaign winning 54.4 million views.
  3. Samsung with “LeBron’s Day” achieving 42.1 million views.
  4. Samsung with “Introducing Galaxy Note 10.1”. This succeeded in getting 22.8 million views.
  5. Google with its “Project Glass” made the list with 20.8 million views.


It probably came as a surprise to many that Microsoft was only able to achieve 10th place for their campaign for “Surface”.

Although the Samsung Galaxy 3 was the winner in 2012, with the popularity of these products ever increasing and the competition getting tougher, who can say who will win the 2013 rankings?

Could it be Apple with a new product, regaining popularity and rankings?

Perhaps their will be a successor to the Microsoft “Surface”, that claws its way all the way up from 10th place?

The only thing that is certain, is that the continuing popularity of these products and the ever advancing technology, the Viral Tech Ads war for 2013 is on but just as Apple were a clear winner in 2011 and Samsung in 2012, will there be such a clear winner this year or will they all manage to take an equal cut of the pie?

Finishing off the top ten lists in 2012 was LG’s “So Real its Scary” in 7th with 17.2 million views. Samsung making a total of four in the top ten with its “Global Launch Galaxy Note 11” with 16.3 million views and filling the list at number 9 was Google with its “Google Nexus 7” achieving 13.7 million views.