Top 10 Technical Blogs of All Time

Looking for top notch tech content? Today we bring you a list of world’s top 10 tech blogs of all time.  

This a technical blog that gives news, updates and examination about technology. It also summarizes some topics about websites, organizations and products. The founder of the technical blog site was Michael Arrington.

This is another technical blogging site that provides us news about social media. Not only that. The site is also giving updates about the newest progress regarding entertainment, amazing new gadgets, intriguing online videos, website developments, business and many more!

This is one of the top technical blogs that brings us daily the newest reports and information about electronics and gadgets. Adding up, it is part of the Weblogs Incorporation which is a network of blogs that contains as many as 75 weblogs!

If you want updates about the latest and most incredible technologies, products, gadgets and software, BGR is for you! It is one of technical blogs today that is really visited by many users.

The Official Google Blog
Google is very famous among every one of us. Of course it will have its very own great and updated technical blog site for everyone. This is the Official Google Blog! If you want to be the first to know innovations visit the Official Google Blog!

The Next Web
If you are a business minded person, The Next Web will give you updates about business! Not only that. It will also provide you everything about technologies and improvements about modernization.

This technical blog site is published by the great Giga Omni Media Incorporation. If you want information about start ups  news about Web 2.0, online games, broadband and technologies GigaOM is the right blog for you.

9To5 MAC
Apple really is in the minds of many people today because of their extremely amazing products that put us in our imaginations. 9To5 MAC is a technical blog site that provides you the most recent software and products produced by Apple.

It makes known by the R3 Media Company in the year 2005. It is one of the top technical blog sites that are committed to updating everyone about techno gadgets, consumer electronics and many more!

If you want to look for some discussions and reviews about the latest news and stories about the community, AppleInsider is the one you want to see! The technical blog site has a forum that allows every individual to share their stories that everyone can see.