How to Enable JavaScript on an Android phone

The application was developed by Brendan Eich. Initially, Java targeted the professional programmers and was supposed to offer competition to C++.  After Netscape had added support to Java technology, the language changed its name from LiveScript to JavaScript. After succeeding as a client-side scripting language specifically for web pages, JavaScript was adopted by Microsoft. After adoption, Microsoft introduced the app into its browser; Internet Explorer version 3.0 in 1996.

All android phones operate with the Google Android Operating System. The OS allows you to check emails, play video games like 카지노 사이트, and generally browse the internet. Some of the android browsers are equipped with one of the best apps for android in JavaScript.

JavaScript is without a doubt one of the best apps for android that can be used to enhance your browsing experience.  The best thing about this app is that you can either choose to enable it whenever you want or opt to disable if you do not feel the need to use it. The way JavaScript gives you access to web pages that you would not have otherwise accessed is what makes it to stand out amongst the cool apps for android.

The android marketplace is an application hub for android phones with thousands of applications on offer.  Users can enjoy from a variety of applications being offered here which is always a fun act. There are a number of games available on android marketplace. Most of these games are developed using the JavaScript technology hence without enabling JavaScript you may not be able play these games.

Are you wondering how you can enable JavaScript on your Android device? These steps will show you how you can enable one of the cool apps for android:


  • From your ”Menu”, select ”Browser” or ”Internet”. This will open the web browser

How to Enable JavaScript on an Android phone1

  • Click on the ”Menu” key while still in your browser to display a panel with some options

How to Enable JavaScript on an Android phone2

  • One of the available options is ”More”. Click on it

How to Enable JavaScript on an Android phone3

  • Select ”Settings”

How to Enable JavaScript on an Android phone4

  • Here is where you can either choose to enable or disable JavaScript. Select ”Enable JavaScript”

Once that is done, you can try accessing pages or downloading games from android marketplace and see if they are working efficiently.