How to Downgrade iOS on an apple device

Perhaps you are wondering whether it’s possible to reinstall iOS 6 into your device once you have upgraded to iOS 7. The simple answer to this is that it is possible. The process however is not as painless as upgrading from say a lower iOS version (iOS 6) to a higher version (iOS 7). With most upgrades, all you need is to have an Apple Developer account and patience throughout the process. The downgrading process is particularly hard with newer devices. For users with older devices, the downgrading process is executable.

Downgrade iOS

The following steps will teach you how to downgrade iOS 6.1.3 or any other iOS version for that matter:

1)      Determine your downgrade abilities    

a)      Check device

You need to make sure that your device can actually support the downgrading process. For older devices, it is quite easy to perform the downgrade. However, you need to make sure that you have installed correct files in your device. As for the newer gadgets, Apple has restricted the downgrade act.

Here are some examples of the devices that do support downgrading: iPhone 3G/4, iPad 1, and iPod Touch 3rd/4th Generation. To be able to downgrade these devices, you need to have proper SHSH blobs. These are the signed certificates that basically allow you downgrade. They are unique in each device and need to be present during the downgrade process.

On the other hand, these devices: iPod Touch 5th Generation, iPad 2/3/4 Mini/Mini 2/Air, and iPhone 4S/5/5c do not support downgrading. These devices have a tendency of relying on the so called digitally-signed certificates from Apple. Another reason is that they also rely on hardware (A5+ chip) which so far is yet to be hacked.

b)      See if your SHSH blobs are saved

In order to successfully downgrade, you need to make sure that you have created blobs while you run the version you want to downgrade to. For device versions that are jailbroken say iOS 7, the blobs are automatically uploaded to cydia iOS7. The Cydia for iOS 7 can be accessed in your device and tapped to list all the saved blobs.

2)      How to downgrade with Windows

This is how to downgrade iOS 6.1.3 or any compatible iOS device using Windows;

  • Start by saving you SHSH blobs. For cydia iOS7 users, this should not be a problem as the blobs are automatically saved. Save the SHSH blobs for the iOS version you are currently running. This will allow you to successfully downgrade to the version. You need to know that, it is not possible for you to save SHSH blobs for the version that you are currently using.
  • Build custom firmware. Using Window, go ahead and build your custom firmware using iFaith. iFaith on its own will allow you to combine SHSH blob with IPSW firmware which can then be used to restore your device.
  • Downgrade your device. For devices that already have custom signed firmware, you can simply downgrade them by accessing the iFaith app.  Click on ‘iReb” to put your gadget on PWN DFU mode.