Update for Google Android Wear – What’s the update?

Last week, Thursday, Google introduced a long awaited update for its wearable devices. Since the launch of the android watch back in March, it had the same experience as seen in the pre-release teasers and was about time for some updates to hit back. Read further to know more on the couple of updates available now.

Last week, Google introduced to major updates for its wearable devices. These updates included:

  • Support for GPS.
  • Offline music enablement.

With these two updates, we can safely say; well played Google. By that we mean, who wouldn’t want a GPS support and music on a wearable device? Having not offered them initially might have restricted some people to have the best of experience by putting on their Android wearables, but now, there’s a new a flavor for them to taste.


Support for GPS:

When you have your Android watch on your rest, you would want to track how much you travelled, what was your average rate of speed, the distances you have gone to and lots of questions to be answered similar to these.

With GPS enabled in Android wearables, you can now have a whole new set of data for the few sample questions and many more as aforementioned. Not only this, the GPS support will also allow the developer community to come up with engaging applications that make the most effective use of GPS in a wearable device with a display.


Offline music enablement:

Why carry an iPod with you when your Android wearable has better to offer? The offline music enablement in your Android wearable is basically an update that allows you to sync your online music library from any source and play it even when you are not connected to the web.

The update also allows you to store music in your wearable with at least a data storage of 4 GB. Not only this, while you are working out, you can set tracks and play list for the entire routine. Developers have also been working on to build apps that sync your playlist with the amount of distance you travel. So, in other words, based on the geographical co-ordinates you can set your playlist accordingly. If it’s a hilly and you are going up-hill, you can set pumped up tracks on the list and going down-hill, set something relaxing or mellow.

These are just a few updates to by Google to their Android devices as starters. More updates are expected to fire away as they get feedback from developer community on the existing ones.