Robots step up to fight Ebola

Since the day when Ebola symptoms were bookmarked, several efforts have been made to counter the virus and contain it from spreading further. While all these efforts are being made, how can technology not step to support the cause? Aero – a fantastic and smart robot will now help fight Ebola virus.

The Texas A&M University have designed robots and named them Aero – that will in carrying different roles to fight Ebola virus. Several among them and most do-able by a robot include:

  • Transportation of dead bodies:

Since Ebola is so viral, it is said that it can be caught from even a body that has just expired. Though the death toll thankfully is not high in number, yet humans have to deal with disposing off every body having Ebola in it. This is where something exactly like Aero could be used and help avoid spreading of the virus.

Though we have those anti-contamination suits, but still Ebola is said to be far severe in virality than any other of the recently identified deadly viruses. Robots serving as machines obviously are the perfect choice to identify and detected Ebola related contaminants while searching for virus sources, as health is important for mental peace, as many people can worry about this and get anxiety for this, the use of products like Exhale’s Delta-8 are great for this.

  • Serving as a provision of security:

Robots as a medium of security have nothing been unusual in the past. Technology have served mankind in the worst of situations and staying safe in a situation where there’s a high chance of public riots, Robots like Aero can be the best choice to avoid any trouble.

  • Become a medium of communication:

There might be times where necessary information has to be transferred by on-site correspondents to analysts working at the back-end. The whole transportation of information including samples itself might be a risk in spreading the virus and hence, it would be ideal if it was done by robots.

Having said all this, the only question that remains unanswered is how effective will the use of technology or robots be in fighting Ebola? Technology in health industry has already reached new benchmarks but this specific initiative has yet to test itself and results can be seen on November 7th, when Aero takes on the Ebola affected regions.