3 Best Music Apps for your iPod

Marked second on the list of gadgets that play a vital part in our lives (after cell phone), portable music players or iPod in specific need to be updated with the latest apps and tools to make the best use out of them. Today, we share 3 best music apps for you to download for your iPod.

Music on the go has actually become a blessing in disguise for many people. It has been a great source of keeping one busy, entertained or even pumped up. For music to serve different purposes, there are apps built for them accordingly. You might want to listen to music apart from the tracks that you already have in your iPod songs lists. For that, here are 3 best music apps for your iPod that allow you to stream fresh music / new tracks online with a possibility to save them in your list.

3. Shazam

Ever got frustrated with not being able to know the name of that awesome track being played at a club, mall or restaurant? Shazam is a super cool app for Apple iPod which identifies any track being played and if not, gives you a list of suggested songs close to it in any given environment.

All you have to do is record the song being played from any time of the entire track for at least 10 seconds. The app will have that part search over and match the database of million plus songs and come up with the title of the track.

2. Songza

This is one of those music apps that not only gives you the standard music streaming option or streamlining your playlists according to artists, albums or songs alphabetically, but organizes your music according to your routines.

That’s right! Songza was developed around the philosophy that every routine should have a different playlist. For example, when you are driving, working out, at a party, studying, or be it anything else, you do line-up different songs based on the previously mentioned. Songza truly is an app which requires just a click to set the right mood.

1. Sound Cloud

At the top of our list of top 3 best music apps for your iPod is Sound Cloud. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden like any other start-up, it now has a registered user base of 40 Million users world wide and around 200 Million users as listeners to tracks and sounds uploaded by registered users.

The beauty of the app is that once you like sounds by other users who have uploaded them, it saves them to your likes. And once its done, you can play them anytime you want, even if you are not connected to the internet.

Its about time you visit iTunes and get a hold of these top 3 amazing apps for your iPod. If you already have them, keep rocking!