LG to show off a quantum dot 4K TV at CES 2015

December 18, 2014 – 9:45 am | by Ahmed

Every market is expected to grow at some pace but things have started to move more quickly along the technology side lines and it seems that the manufacturers are constantly under the pressure of developing something new and different and also once step ahead of the other. So we are all aware of the development in the TV industry and it seems that reaching the 4k focal was a great deal but we have already gotten over it. So if you mention a 4k TV, chances are that we might not be so thrilled by it; unless it has something extra to offer.

LG quantum dot 4K TV

LG quantum dot 4K TV

Henceforth, in a bet to compete with their rivals’ models, LG Electronics has announced a series of LED-LCD Ultra HD sets which are going to debut at the CES 2015 event which is scheduled to take place in Las Vegas. What’s so particularly special and different about this LED-LCD Ultra HD is that it makes use of a quantum dot technology which enables the LG TVs to deliver deeper, more-accurate colors and greater brightness. Let us see how this technology really works. It makes use of tiny nanocrystals which emit different colors depending on their size and the LCD’s backlight has a sheet of these crystals in front of it and this generates the richer primary colors (red, green and blue) on to the screen.

And it is not the just about the display benefits, but there is another major added advantage of producing these quantum-dot LCD TVs; as opposed to the OLED TVs, these can be produced more economically on a large scale. The new technology does seem to bring in a lot of excitement but LG isn’t the first one to offer it. The quantum dot TVs were released by Sony back in 2013 and in September this year the Chinese TV maker TCL also announced a quantum dot 4K TV and we are expecting one to come from Samsung soon as the company has been investing heavily in quantum dot technology. 


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