Apple’s A9 Chip Will Be ‘Made in America’

The Korean Electronic Times has reported that the very first of the A9 batch has been rolled off Samsung’s fabrication lines in Austin and the upcoming latest Apple iPhone is going to benefit from the latest 14nm technology from Samsung. We have our fingers crossed for an event where Phil Schiller is going to present the A9 chip as being faster, more efficient and more power saving than any other chip designed under the company’s roof.


So far we haven’t been able to get hands on some solid information regarding the launch of the chip and we still have to know exactly which devices the A9 is going to power. The safest bet right now is the iPhone but debate has been going on between the industry analysts about the iPhone release in September; some have been arguing Apple has yet to launch another 6s or 6c version while others are putting their money on an all new iPhone 7. 

However, we must say that people wont be too happy about the timing of this A9 since the iPhone 6 and the 6 Plus had just rolled out 2 months ago and they are powered on the A8 chip. The release window is certainly shorter here and those who would have adopted the phone initially will be left with ‘last year’s model’.

The A9 chip would have to go into its mass production mode at a point where Apple has enough capacity to build up inventory till the late September release of the highly expected iPhone 7. The current production mode is more like a sample batch or more customized since it is targeted towards the prototype/beta builds of the iPhone 7.